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a new flight experience


We are a opensource and free to use community. No matter if you are a professional or enthuisast


The FSWire EFB provides an easy and intuative way for pre / mid and after flight preparation

Flight Briefing

With Simbrief you can directly plan and generate your flightplans from our schedule system

Virtual Airline

Create your own VA on the FSWire network and compete against others

Full Responsive and tablet approved

No matter which screen size or device you are using. FSWire provides a responsive view for displaying your electronic flight bag.


Live Map

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Future Updates

We are working constantly on the system and improving it with new features

Innovative Ideas

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Great Solutions

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Electronic Flight Bag

Use our Radar to navigate and plan your taxing. It features also live weather and wind visualisition

    • SimACARS
    • advanced flight tracking
      • Accruate flight details
      • Event Log
      • Only 1 BID
      • FSX | P3D | XP11
      • FSUIP / XUIPC
    • smartCARS
    • Basic Flight Tracking
      • Basic Flight Tracking
      • Multiple BID
      • FSX | P3D | XP11
      • FSUIPC / XUIPC