Electronic Flight Bag

FSWire EFB is an free to use and opensource virtual airline management system powered by VOAS

Your personal Electronic Flight Bag

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Free to use

FSWire is an community driven project and free to use!


All your Pilots needs in one place. No matter if you need Charts, WXR or additional flight informations.

Flight Tracking

Choose betrweeen smartCARS or simACARS for tracking your flights on the FSWire Network.

Virtual Airline

Join or Create a VA to enhance your flighsimulator experience

Tracking | Statistics

Your personal pilot logbook

Track all your flights and get many details about your last flown flights. Choose between smartCARS and SimACARS to track your flights on any simulator. 


Use the FSWire EFB to calculate all your intel for the next flight. The simbrief output is also compatibler with several third party apps.

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next level VA System

take a look at our state of the art virtual airline system.

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