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The News Is Here There And Everywhere and Secret Updates!

Hello to the people of FSWire, my name is Luca and ill be giving you today’s new news!

Before you start going crazy, ill explain why you may be seeing this on the Fourms, or in Discord. We have a new system that will broadcast news to the fourms, and discord channel to keep you updated and so you can get the same news. Please note only messages related to FSWire, or urgent notices will be broadcasted.


So, you might be a little disappointed with today’s updates, but I have some super exciting news to share with you. FSWire will be getting the biggest update it has ever gotten sense release. Throughout the next few weeks I will be sharing some clues and you must try to crack what the next update will be. So here is the first message from FSWire 1.35:

Im excited for you to see me, your eyes will not be expecting my arrival. You will be seeing me arrive in February-March depending how fast my devs work.

New Map Updates, and VA Updates!

Hey Everyone! Here are the latest update notes.


Map Updates

We just updated a soft release of the map with limited features. (More will come soon.) Thanks to Eda for you hard work, and making these updates possible!! Detailed PIREP page now shows correctly logs (also critical events from simaCARS)

VA Updates

VA owners can now delete schedules from their VA. All VA manager pages are now searchable.


Thats It For Now! Have A Good Day!